John Gruber


Age: 621
Height: 10' 13"
Eye Color Burnt Umber
Hair Color: Muave
Nickname: Can't tell; everyone will tease me. (Editor's Note: it's Helmet!)
Favorite TV show: TV?
Favorite Star Wars character: Storm Trooper #145
Pet Peeve: People who use my nickname.
Favorite Band: Any band w/Steve Vai.
Favorite CD: Rich Mullins, Songs
Favorite Biblical character (why): Phinehas, because the guy was a zealous Godly stud! (See Numbers 25: 1-13)
Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 4: 12-13
Hobbies: Carrot racing, onion prodding, turnip roping
Favorite childhood toy: Transformers
Favorite website: Does this have something to do with the en-tear-nett?
Something about yerself we should all know: I'm left-handed, but I golf right-handed.

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