Lyrics from Choosing Sides (2001)

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Let all those sing for joy
All that have found their refuge in Your words of truth, not just some story
Let all Your people shout out loud
For You cove us in righteousness, our debt You cancelled out

Lord we praise Your name
We lift Your banner to proclaim
You reign on high!
Your reign on high!

Let all those sing for joy
All who call out to You and wait to see You show Your glory
For those who do not trust in You
Show them the truth that they can know and choose to follow You

Celebrate His loving kindness
Celebrate new life He gives us
Celebrate His righteousness
He has brought our sins to justice (3 x)

Modified Chorus:
Lord we praise Your name
We lift Your banner to proclaim

You love us with greatest kindness
And we have new life You gave us
We proclaim Your righteousness for
You have brought ours sins to justice


Wake up time, you've been living a dream,
And reality has never been clear.
You say it's all by chance and nothing matters
And there's no real reason why we're here.

But take a serious look at the facts
From the evidence it's plain to see,
That a universe of chaos and violence
Could never produce complexity

Open your eyes for the very first time
And the truth hits you like a cannonball
Realize He's in control
And He's opened your heart to His call

Ignorance is bliss if you live in the dark
And you don't have any concept of light.
But either way light exists
And it's not dependent on your sight.

There's more than meets the eye in this world
Let down your guard and breath it in.
Take a step of faith to see for yourself
You'll understand when you begin to . . .

Open your eyes for the very first time
And the truth hits you like a cannonball
Realize He's in control
And He's opened your heart to His call.

David's Dance

Whitewallin' hypocrite is what I am
I say I'm a Christian, but I fail to take a stand
A stand against evil, a stand for what's right
A stand against the demons that come out to fight
I get caught up in all the world's commotions
I get so busy I fail to have devotions
I get in my car and let the Supertones play
I'm instantly convicted when I hear what they say


I won't cut myself spiritual slack
When the demons hit the streets, I'm gonna hit back
East side? West side? Hey, I'm on the Lord's side!
When Christ comes back, you know you can't hide
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life
Without Him there is nothing but confusion and strife
Look to Christ and dedicate your life to Him
Take a stand for Jesus, cuz you know we're gonna win!!!

Praise You

Oh great and awesome Lord
You have blessed so thoroughly
You made me everything I am and gave each breath I breathe
I can never repay Your generousity
Your mercy and grace surround my life
You made me free

You touched our lives - we'll never be the same
Please accept this gift, our sacrifice of praise

And I will praise You
I will lift up trembling hands
And I will worship You my Father
And I will praise You
And I will glorify Your name
And I will worship You my Father

And as I sing I am lifting high
Your name so You'll be pleased in me
And as I sing I will strive to bring
The glory due Your name - it's all for You

And after all this time
I know I love You more
Living my life for You is something I adore
Someday You'll come for me
You'll come to take me home
Oh but please hurry, Lord
I want to see the Son

Precious Life

Last thing I remember I was chasing worldly things.
Don't have time to look to You, consumed with all my plans.
There's so much I want to do, I want to have, I want to be
Heaven's glory and Your presence fade into "priorities"

Oh, but it's not me
And I can't do it on my own

I need you to teach me to love you
I want to honor you my Lord
But I get caught up in this everyday life
Help me see living through heaven's eyes
Don't let me waste my time here or my precious life

"Someday," I say, "I'll make time and give to God."
Good intentions bury me so soon the chance is all but gone
Like pockets with holes filled with riches of sand
All my striving after glory leaves me empty in the end.

Rise Up

We long for the day we'll all be changed
No more pain, no more sinful shame
And to this hope we do aspire
Until our lives expire

No more childish rivalry
Nor needless thoughts of jealousy
No more to gain, no tounges to tame
We'll be part of God's own choir

Through all the pain and pressure
And trials of life surround
We can't forget these things are coming
Resist the blinding of this cloud

Cut through the darkness and realize
There's much more to be found
Persevere to the end
Until the seventh trumpet sounds

Rise up child of God
Things won't always be this way
Soon this old world and all its
Pains will pass away
A brand new fold with streets of gold
And no more darkness to behold

No more sin, never have we been
Without the struggling within
And to this hope we do aspire
Until our lives expire

A world beyond imagination
With worshippers from every nation
Our brothers and sisters in His blood
All singing praises to His name

Shadows of Lies

There's so much I don't want you to know
   Do you know where I've been?
I must hide it, disguise it, can't let it be seen
   Did you see the intentions within?
How much time to cover up the evidence?
   Did you see my sorrow and guilt?
Can't tell anyone, everyone thinks I'm so good
   Did they see what I've become?

Has word gotten round?
What have they found?

When my heart creeps out,
My sould exposed
I fight to hide it in
Shadows of lies

I have found
Darkness deposed
When you shine your light on
Shadows of lies

I just can't wait to go back this time
   What's done is done
The price too high to afford
   I have no merit of my own
What could pay that high a price
   Death for sin the penalty
Only the sacrifice of my Lord
   Stepping in to cover me

Has word gotten round?
Salvation is found!

You see the truth
You see the pride
You see the things I try to hide

I cannot pay
Send me away
Or purchase me and let me stay

I see your light
I cannot run
Now what about the things I've done?

Your love I see
Your comfort free
The chains of death fall off of me


When she woke up this morning she looked with a critical eye
Staring in the mirror she cataloged the things she would change.
Thinking the crowd would except her if she looked like them
She starves herself and her soul to fit in.

True beauty dwells within the heart of a woman who fears the Lord
Before you had a face or body you were loved and adored
By the One who created you perfectly
Look through His eyes and you'll start to see that
True beauty dwells within the heart.

To attain to high a goal she works her muscle into bone
But perfection like that is something to distant to know.
Their ideal is unrealistic,
There's always something else to improve or change.

Someday she'll come to see that what they value
It does not last, it fades away…forgotten.
When she finds her worth in the eternal
She will find her true beauty in you.

The Battle

A war is waging - a battle for your soul
You must choose this day who your affections will hold
A body of sin pulls you left, break out of its mold
Follow Calvary, look to Jesus, & trust in promises told

From birth you were enlisted
Willing or not in the battle going on
No one said it would be easy
But you can't turn back, you must press on

He wants to break you
And pull you and take you
Down with him to hell
Satan thinks he can win
But be strong, prove him wrong
Bust out of his cell
Hell is real, Satan feels
The fiery torture near
Burns the sulfur smell
From all eternity
God holds the victory
We know this full well

And Satan he plays dirty
His tactics aim for your life
If you're not protected by the Son
You'll fall victim to the strife
It's a long fight, be brave
And through the tears that you cry
In the end God will win
And all your tears He will dry

There's no sitting on the fence
When judgment comes to call
Choose your side or lose your life
You've got to give your all

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