Ben Bradley


Age: 21
Height: approximately 2 meters
Eye Color hazelish
Hair Color: brown
Nickname: yo
Favorite TV show: star trek, any of them
Favorite Star Wars character: Obijon Gruber
Pet Peeve: people with sweaty hands
Favorite Band: tourniquet and fif tie
Favorite CD: tourniquet #3
Favorite Biblical character (why): Jesus, he was cool
Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 9:37+38
Hobbies: graphic design and guitar
Favorite childhood toy: G. I. John (Gruber)
Favorite website: www.johngruber.com and www.fiveironfrenzy.com
Something about yerself we should all know: i intend to eventually be a member of a christian hardcore band. we are going to have an original style which i would call happycore. i don't know why heavy music always has to be scary. our band is going to be called The Wheat Pirates.

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