Adam Clarke


Age: 21
Height: 5' 11"
Eye Color blue/grey/green
Hair Color: varies
Nickname: sideburns
Favorite TV show: simpsons
Favorite Star Wars character: Admiral Ackbar
Pet Peeve: the facades that people put up
Favorite Band: poor old lu / five Iron Frenzy/ simon and Garfunkel
Favorite CD: I can't pick just one
Favorite Biblical character (why): joseph, i would have wanted to have my brothers at least roughed up if they sold me into slavery.
Favorite Bible Verse: Jer. 23:24
Hobbies: painting/ drawing/ skateboarding/ reading /playing in Bolsa de Papas
Favorite childhood toy: my bigwheel!!!
Favorite website: www.bolsadepapas.com (wink);P
Something about yerself we should all know: I can't play guitar well at all. (Editor's Note: He and Julie got engaged!!!)

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